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Total Cargo Handling & Delivery Services
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Serving Metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson

 A cargo truck from our courier fleet.    

TCH Inc. offers total cargo handling for all your heavy-weight merchandise—we'll deliver any size and any quantity. From pallets to truckloads, we are capable of moving anything you need to transport. We know how important it is to meet project deadlines and keep operations on schedule. That's why our delivery service picks up your materials and delivers them to their destination within the same day! We want to assist you in the continued success of your business by providing you with the most efficient delivery service possible!

From business-to-business deliveries to airport pickups, we tailor our services to your shipping needs and schedule. We'll even break a trailer load and distribute your items to separate stores to increase the convenience of our service throughout the state.

Our 24-foot airride trucks are equipped with lift gates to allow the effective loading of all your goods and products in to and out of the vehicle. Not only do we have six full-service in-house trucks, but as contracted agents of Lynden Air Freight we can also arrange for all of your freight forwarding needs, domestic and international - air and ocean. 

TCH Inc. has more than 10,000 square feet of warehouse storage space, which means 10,000 opportunities to take advantage of our services. We'll keep your cargo safe and sound for months on end—it doesn't have to leave our warehouse until you need it to leave.

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7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

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Our cargo storage facilities.

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